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What is the SCSU Computer Science Club?

The Computer Science Club is happy to be SCSU's Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Chapter.

We aim to provide an atmosphere and means for our members to grow professionally while at SCSU. Bringing together motivated people of varrying skillsets to participate in competitions and complete projects.

Participating in the CSCI club enables you to meet many people in the field and develop long term friendships. It is likely to help you open doors in the future.


We have worked on many projects together. Most of which have been started at hackathons. Below are some of our notable projects.


multiplayer browser space shooter

Music Map

Android App to share Music via GPS


Alexa/ hack


We have many exciting events coming up!

Upcomming Events
  • ??? - Present


    Every year the CSCI club attends in the Midewest Instruction and Computing Symposium where we present research and are able to participate in the programming and robotics competitions

  • 2016 - Present


    Every semester the CSCI club tries to attend as many hackathons as we can. to name a few places we have been and plan to attend again: Hack Illinois at University of Illinois Urbana, Spartahacks at Michican State University, and Minnehacks at University of Minnesota.

  • ??? - Present

    Digikey Programming Competition

    Every year SCSU is invited to the Digikey programming competition, where generally members of the computer science club are the participants. A great time and good experience


The amazing members of the club


Wesley Carlson

Vice President 2016

Andrew Morris

President 2016

Jeff Witthuhn

Treasurer 2016


Saeid Hejazi

Treasurer 2017

Suyash Bhatt

President 2017

Jared Rickert

WebMaster 2017

Sanam Lama Tamang

Public Relations 2017

Syed Shah Newaj

Vice President 2017

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